A Talking Banana


I've been interviewed!

To commemorate the finishing of my short comic for Mark McKenna's Bananatail, a couple of guys I know interviewed me about my foray into comic-dom. You can listen to me babbling on (and I do babble! I digress alot too!) about my process and my art on Deconstructing Comics, a podcast focused, appropriately enough, on comics.

Before you do, a DIRE! warning: I literally could only listen to 3 minutes of the podcast before my skin crawled straight off at the sound of my own voice. I sound much, much studlier in my own head. Having said that, you might find a nugget of interest in there, if you can get past that unearthly screech and the fact that the whole thing sounds like it was recorded over a couple of beers in a noisy, smokey bar/coffee shop with overly-loud mediocre psuedo-jazz limping out of the sound system. Which, curiously, it was.

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