Gallery Show - Under the Influence: The Official Tribute to Beastie Boys

I can actually remember a time before the Beastie Boys (hereafter referred to as the years BBB). It was a dark time. A grim time when people were too afraid to fight for their right. Their right to party.

It was also a time before I had been properly introduced to this crazy music called rock n' roll (an introduction that began with the struttin' Stray Cats and passed through numerous hands thereafter. So it came to be that my own independent musical tastes were forming around the same time the Beasties came on the scene. It wasn't until years later, with the release of Hello Nasty that I really started to appreciate (dig) their music.

All of which is a rather lengthy intro to Gallery 1988 (Los Angeles)'s upcoming group show "Under the Influence: The Official Tribute to Beastie Boys". A ton of amazing and fantastic artists will be showing work influenced by the Boys, including myself. In fact, my piece(s?) are perhaps the most ambitious (by which I mean insane) things I have ever made. Sadly, I only have some really awful camera-phone pics right now, so I can't show it (them?). But it's BIG, and very, very shiny.

Check out the show if you're in or near LA!

Under the Influence: The Official Tribute to Beastie Boys

dates: January 8 - January 29, 2009 Opening

reception: January 8, 2009 7-11pm

place: Gallery 1988 Los Angeles

their blog: Galleries One Nine Eight Eight