Gallery Show: はさみの音 - The Sound of Scissors

It's been a little quiet here at PaperCuts recently, and with good reason. I have been buried up to my arms in paper preparing for... taxes. Yes, tax season in Japan comes a full month before the US's relatively laid-back April deadline. And as an American living abroad, I get the pleasure of participating in both tax seasons, doubling my paperwork pleasure. Oh yes, and I've also been hibernating.

But I'm breaking out of my frozen slumber for a celebration of all things papery and cut with はさみの音 (hasami no oto) - The Sound of Scissors. This will be the first all-切り絵 Cut Paper Show I've had the honor to join, and I couldn't be more thrilled. We're a diverse bunch with work ranging from children's book style to more mature themes, from traditional to contemporary. The art is rich in color and shape and line. The theme this year is "Travel", a subject wide-open in it's possible interpretations. I'm excited to see the work everyone comes up with, and I urge everyone in the area to stop on by.

Here are the folks involved:

はさみの音 - The Sound of Scissors

greeting reception: TBA

dates: Thursday March 18 - Tuesday March 23, 2010 12pm-8pm

place: 〒180‐0004 東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺本町2‐2‐10 / Tokyo, Kichijoji Honmachi 2-2-10
access:(JR中央線 吉祥寺駅より徒歩4分)
tel: 0422-21-2177
gallery website: right here